Announcement #1: Attending Summer Classes?

Summer Enrollment Form Picture    

The Financial Aid Office began accepting Summer Enrollment Forms on May 18, 2015. Students hoping to receive financial aid for summer term will need to complete a Summer Enrollment Form after enrolling in Summer classes. Students attending summer term also need to make sure they made it to step four of the Financial Aid Process by the Summer Priority Deadline Date (April 24, 2015) to ensure that their file is reviewed in time.

Announcement #2: New Appeal Deadlines have been announced


Completed Financial Aid Appeals Forms will be accepted and reviewed: June 3 - June 16, 2015.  Forms received on or after June 17, 2015 will be reviewed in date order, and if approved, it will be for fall 2015.

  Click here to view more information on the deadlines for Petitions to Extend Financial Aid Eligibility and Financial Aid Appeals
Petition to Extend Form  Financial Aid Appeal Form

Announcement #3: June 19th is the Fall Priority Deadline Date!

  • In order for your financial aid award to be processed and reviewed by our office, you will need to have all of your required documentation in by the posted Priority Deadline.  Note: This means you will need to be at Step 4 listed on the Financial Aid Process page.
  • View more information on our Priority Deadline page.