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Linn-Benton Lunch Box (LBLB)

Food cans

Emergency food for students in need

Linn-Benton Lunch Box (LBLB) is available to any LBCC student. Through the program, students can receive assistance with food a maximum of three times per term. Each time students visit LBLB, they receive up to three days worth of food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The program is confidential and only requires that students present their student ID and provide the last four digits of their ID number. Assistance for students who are married and/or have children is also available.

The Linn-Benton Lunch Box does not compete with other food banks in the community. Receiving assistance from the LBLB will not prevent students from receiving assistance from other food banks in the area.

To receive assistance from LBLB, please visit the Student Life & Leadership office in the Student Union (located on the east side of the courtyard).

LBLB is stocked using the proceeds from the Hot Shot Coffee House. If you're interested in donating food to LBLB, please contact the Student Life & Leadership Office at 541.917.4458.