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Student Leadership Council

Your Student Leadership Council (SLC) is here to serve you.  If you have an issue or idea you'd like to discuss, want to know about student events and activities, or learn how to become a student leader, contact the SLC officers by visiting the Student Life & Leadership office, first floor of the Student Union (east side of the courtyard).  You may also call 541.917.4475, 4464, 4472, 4463, 4963 or 4462, and leave a voice mail message for any one of them.

Student Leadership Council wants to hear from you!  Consider attending one of the following student government meetings:

When Where
SLC Mondays 4 p.m. RCH-116
Events Task Force Wednesdays 4 p.m. SL&L conference room
Council of Clubs every other Weds. 1 p.m. IA-232

Meeting minutes:

SLC minutes 6/2/14 Event Planning minutes 5/28/14
Judiciary Board minutes 6/4/14 Council of Clubs minutes 5/28/14