Student Leadership Council

When you're out buying groceries,
please remember to pick up a few things for the Thanksgiving Food Drive.
If you'd like to donate money, write your check to AAWCC.
Please deliver monetary and food donations by November 19
to Tammi Drury in Admissions.

Click here to request a food box for you and your family this year.

Your Student Leadership Council (SLC) is here to serve you.

If you have an issue or idea you'd like to discuss, want to know about student events and activities, or learn how to become a student leader, visit your SLC officers in the Student Life & Leadership office, housed in the Student Union (northeast corner of the courtyard--look for the blue and white graphics in the windows).  You may also call 541.917.4475, 4462, 4463, 4464, 4466, 4472, or 4963, and leave a voice mail message for any one of them.

Student Leadership Council wants to hear from you!  Consider attending one of the following student government meetings:

  When Where
SLC Mondays 4 p.m. RCH-116
Events Task Force Wednesdays 4 p.m. RCH-116          
Council of Clubs Every other Wednesday 11 a.m. MKH-118
Judiciary Board Every other Wednesday 11 a.m. MKH-118

Meeting minutes & agendas:


SLC minutes 11/16 2015

SLC minutes 11/9/2015

SLC minutes 11/2/2015

SLC minutes 10/26/2015

SLC minutes 10/19/2015

SLC minutes 10/12/2015

SLC minutes 10/5/2015

SLC minutes 9/28/2015


Events Task Force minutes 11/18/2015

Events Task Force minutes 11/4/2015

Events Task Force minutes 10/21/2015

Events Task Force minutes 10/14/2015

Events Task Force minutes 9/30/2015


Judiciary Board minutes 11/9/2015

Judiciary Board minutes 11/4/2015

Judiciary Board minutes 10/14/2015


Council of Clubs minutes 11/18/2015

Council of Clubs minutes 10/21/2015

Council of Clubs minutes 10/07/15