Club Advisers' Handbook

**Please note that this page is intended as a supplement to the Club Manual.  Advisers are expected to familiarize themselves with the content on that page.  Very little of it is replicated here.

Welcome to the Club Advisers' Handbook:  your one-stop shop for the information and support you need to be the best club adviser you can be.

Thank you for your commitment to and support of our students, within and outside the classroom. It is our goal to help ensure a safe, positive and fun experience for all LBCC clubs. We know how busy you are, and truly appreciate the extra time and effort involved in advising.

Please take some time to read and digest the information contained within these materials!

Contact information

Program Assistant Heather Morijah is your go-to person on campus for All Things Club. She splits her time daily between Student Life & Leadership and the Diversity Achievement Center:

  • 541.917.4465 or 4297
  • Forum-120 (Student Life & Leadership) or Forum-220 (Diversity Achievement Center)

Getting Started

If you're interested in becoming a club adviser and would like to be put on the Advisers-In-Waiting list, please contact Program Assistant Heather Morijah. Club advisers must be full-time/contracted faculty, part-time faculty, manager or full-time classified staff with supervisor's permission.  Part-time classified staff may not serve as advisers.

There are several requirements you must complete before your advisership is official. Most importantly, you'll need to schedule a meeting with your club's student leader and the program assistant. Take some time and review the Club Manual, as well as the materials on this page, and come prepared with questions. Plan for about an hour.

There are several online trainings you'll need to complete as well: if it's been more than a few years, it's time to revisit them--even if you completed them as part of your New Employee Orientation. Please ensure you've completed all three of these before scheduling the above-mentioned meeting.

(If any of the above links open a Moodle login page, enter your login credentials, and you will be taken to the correct training module.)

Smartphone users: please consider downloading LBLive, our student-centric app with more than 1600 registered users. LBLive greatly enhances your ability to stay in touch with club members and keep abreast of meetings and events.

For clubs clubs that do work in the arena of controversial topics: if your club sponsors speech, an activity or event, and expects to draw resistance, criticism or reports that you are breaking rules, the College is here to protect your speech and to offer to train you how to respond with civility to critics. Contact Heather Morijah or Student Activities Coordinator Barb Horn (x4459) for more information.


Forms You May Need


Clubs & Travel

One of the most important things for advisers to know is that if club members want to meet or volunteer off campus or travel to a conference, training or other event, you must be with them. Here are some forms you'll need if this is a likelihood for your club:

  • Driver Status Form: Fill out and turn in to Public Safety Office if you'll be travelling off-campus and/or if you want mileage reimbursement. You may not transport students on official LBCC business without a current form on file.  (See Clubs & Travel below.) Must be updated annually.
  • Liability Waiver & Indemnification form: for more physically active clubs, off-campus travel, etc.
  • Driving As Agent form: Complete this form when driving a college-owned or rental vehicle on officlal LBCC business.
  • Release of Liability: if students are driving themselves and/or others to college-related events
The Student Travel Form page contains additional forms and information for clubs going on large group trips. Please contact Heather Morijah or Student Activities Coordinator Barb Horn for assistance planning this type of travel.

Finances & Fundraising

As a club adviser, you are ultimately responsible for the club's finances. Because of this, it's important that you're proactive about staying in the loop with regards to expenditures and fundraising. You can obtain the club's fund balance by emailing or calling Program Assistant Heather Morijah.

When soliciting donations from local businesses, it is critical you make contact with the LBCC Foundation ahead of time. Our college has existing relationships with many companies in the area, so it’s very important you check in with them prior to approaching any local business. The Foundation must also be kept informed of all donations of products, money or services, solicited or otherwise.


Related Administrative Rules and Policies


Materials for co-curricular program advisers