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Welcome to Clubs & Co-Curricular Programs at Linn-Benton Community College!

We’re all that—and a bag of chips!  We like to have fun around here, and we offer many ways to do that while becoming more involved in campus life and making new friends.  According to Community College Review, "Community college club and activity opportunities are essential for students interested in creating a well-developed resume for job and career applications. In addition to professional development opportunities, community college clubs also provide students with personal, social, and community service venues, enhancing the overall collegiate experience."  Read the full article "The Benefits of Community College Clubs."

Check out the list of LBCC's Clubs and Co-Curricular Programs below, then use the "Click Here" button at the bottom of this page to request information on any of them.


From chess to anime to drama, soccer or politics, LBCC has a club for you.  Check out the list of current clubs--if nothing grabs you, consider starting your own.  All you need is an idea, an adviser and eight club members—we’re here to guide you through the process.  New clubs may request up to $100 and can present a budget for materials or activities to the Council of Clubs for additional funding at any time during the school year.  Clubs hold a variety of fundraisers and other events throughout the year.  A Club Expo is held at the beginning of Winter term in which members showcase their clubs’ offerings and provide information about meeting times and places.  LBCC's Welcome Day, College Night and OneVibe Diversity Day are other annual venues in which to participate and earn funds.  Some clubs also choose to host a Courtyard Lunch in October or May to promote their organizations and earn incentive funds.


LBCC's Council of Clubs makes it possible for clubs to pool resources, work together on common issues, share ideas and sponsor joint events that benefit all clubs.  Please send a representative to a bi-weekly Council of Clubs meeting!  The more clubs that participate, the greater the value.  Council of Clubs meets [TBD].  For more information, contact Clubs & Student Engagement Director Justen Noll at or Program Assistant Heather Morijah at  You can also call 541.917.4465 or stop by the Student Life & Leadership office (Forum-120, downstairs northeast corner of the courtyard).  You can find the latest meeting minutes here.  Read the bylaws here.






Active Minds Club

Mental health awareness, education and advocacy.
Lisa Hoogesteger  541.917.4780
Ag Leadership Club
Clay Weber 541.917.4768

Anime Club

Learn about anime, share common interests, broaden your views, discuss and interact.
Kylene Tyler 541.917.4984

ASCET (American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians)

The only national, professional society created especially for, and administered by, engineering technicians and technologists in all engineering disciplines.
Ric Costin 541.917.4773

Black Curtain Society (Student Theatre Club)

Educate, inspire and promote personal growth through dramatic arts.
Dan Stone 541.917.4881

Campus Ambassadors Christian Community

Gathering people of faith; encouraging one another to live a culture of love and faith.
David Becker 541.917.4754

Chess Club

It's like Wizard's Chess, only much safer and without the magic.

Keith Tierney  

Civil Discourse Club

Aims to promote dialogue that enhances understanding among individuals with diverse viewpoints in an open and respectful environment
Mark Urista 541.917.4522

Dance Club

Providing an opportunity to be involved with dance in a creative and fun way:  learning, performance, choreography.
Richenda Hawkins 541.917.4641

Estudiantes del Sol


Tania Mendez  

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Strength in diversity! Friendship and support among the LGBTQ+ community and our straight allies.
Tim Black 541.917.4557

Global Connections

Enjoy activities and fellowship with international students: let's learn from each other!
 Kim Sullivan 541.917.4847

Horticulture Club

All things green and growing.
Stefan Seiter 541.917.4765

LB Films

Film production club has been revived after ten years! Bringing together students who love film production and those who wish to learn about it.
Anne Magratten 541.917.4545

Our Revolution @ LBCC

We support civic engagement and making informed decisions about issues critical not only to students, but the world.
TBD 541.917.4571

Outdoor Adventures

Strengthen your connection to yourself and others by exploring and enjoying the outdoors.
Leslie Hammond 541.917.4911

Philosophy Club

Joey Tuminello 541.257.8613

Poetry Club

Creating a community of voices; a chance to belong and have your personal voice heard.
Chris Riseley 541.917.4574

Racing Performance Mechanics

Bryan Schiedler 541.917.4597

Rad Tech Club

Promoting the field of Radiologic Technology. Providing information and support for new and current students, and encouraging the sharing of ideas and experiences.
Paula Merino 541.936.0454

RPG (Role-Playing Games) Club

Introducing students to pen and paper role-playing games.
Rob Griffin  541.917.4264

Soccer Club

Just what it sounds like! Compete or just practice with us.
Ian Priestman 541.917.4261

Society of Physics Students

Greg Mulder  

Students For Life

Seeking to promote respect for life at LBCC and in the surrounding community, educating on life issues, and helping those in need so life is a promising choice.
Vikki Maurer 541.917.4370

Student Veterans Club

Veterans supporting veterans and their families.
Ken Dickson-Self  541.917.4942


There are a number of inactive clubs just waiting to be revived!  Contact Program Assistant Heather Morijah, 541.917.4465 or, if you're interested in reactivating any of the following clubs:

• AAUW Student Club
• Biology Club
• Black Student Caucus
• Board Games Club
• Comedy Syndicate
• CPU (Computer People Unite) Club
• Geology Club
• Habitat For Humanity
• Human & Civil Rights Club
• Linn-Benton Legends
• Native American Student Union
• Pacific Islanders Club
• PCDC Parent Club

• Sigma Kappa Delta Honor Society
• Something of Shakespeare
• Students in Service Club
• Study Abroad
• Sustainability Club
• Swing Dance Club
• TNT (Think Non-Traditional) Club
• Ultimate Frisbee Club
• Visual Arts Club
• Voyagers Club
• Writing Group
• Young Democrats


Co-curricular programs are a little different than clubs.  They’re closely tied to various academic programs at LBCC and provide both a learning experience and camaraderie among students who share similar academic interests. Co-curriculars allow students to become more deeply involved in their education by offering hands-on opportunities for learning, performance, competition and travel.  If you’re interested in these courses of study or a particular co-curricular program, ask your adviser how you can get involved. 

**ADVISERS:  Please see new handbook for all fillable forms.**

Co-Curricular Program




Art Galleries Anne Magratten 541.917.4545
Campus Recreation Leslie Hammond 541.917.4911
Coffee House (Hot Shot) Ian Priestman 541.917.4261
The Commuter (school newspaper) Rob Priewe 541.917.4563
Culinary Arts Todd Ketterman 541.917.4387
Diversity Achievement Center Javier Cervantes 541.917.4299
Equestrian Team Jenny Strooband 541.917.4767
Livestock Judging

Clay Weber

Rick Klampe



International Studies Scott McAleer 541.917.4578
Performing Arts Dan Stone 541.917.4566

Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society)

Malinda Shell

Emily Dray



Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Greg Mulder 541.917.4744
Space Exploration Parker Swanson 541.917.4274
Vocal Music Raymund Ocampo 541.917.4550
Welding Technology Marc Rose 541.917.4581


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