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Now Showing in North Santiam Hall Galleries

Artwork from Willamette Art Faculty Show

Willamette University Art Faculty Show

September 29 through December 5, 2014
Reception: Tuesday, November 4, 3:30-4:40 pm.

Andries Fourie, Alexandra Opie, James Thompson, Bethany Hays and Sarah Beadle exhibit their work in NSH galleries.

The Artists:

Andries Fourie is showing mixed media work that explores the tension between flatness and dimensionality using found and fabricated objects. His work is concerned with issues of memory, identity, tradition and cultural hybridity in South African culture.

Alexandra Opie is exhibiting a series of tintype photographs, entitled Encounters. In these images, aspects of early portrait photography are examined in the present as they encounter the camera. 

James Thompson’s series of landscape paintings are a response to “the landscape of my present and how the people of ancient Scotland and Britain were intertwined with their natural surroundings.” He is interested in the layering of time in his work.

Bethany Hays has three large watercolors in the show that reflect the overwhelming feeling created by mundane domestic tasks that are necessary for the everyday maintenance of family life.  Her paintings contrast entropy and order through piles of beautifully colored and folded fabrics.

Sarah Beadle’s digital archival prints, entitled Selections from the LOC: Accidents, 2008-2014, referencing work by Lewis Hine.