Call to Artists

Submit Artwork to the 2017 Eclipse Art Show 

This show will take place in the LBCC Learning Center for the duration of Summer Term 2017. All entires must be ready to hang. Submit entires to by Friday May 26 or in person at the gallery office in North Santiam Hall room 111. We look forward to seeing your work! A prize of $100 will be given to Best in Show. 



Submit your artwork to the 2017 Juried Art Student Show 

April 10th - June 7th in NSH Galleries

Reception and Awards: May 3, 12-1:30 pm

Final deadline for submissions: Noon on April 5th


This is your chance to present your creative skills to a wide audience. Entrance into a juried show will help establish an exhibition record for your résumé. More than 15 awards and prizes worth over $1,000 will be conferred by the Jurors, the LBCC Art Department, local businesses and community organizations.

You may drop off work with your art instructor at any time before the deadline, or deliver to NSH 111.
NOTE: The Gallery Office, NSH 111 will be open to receive submissions Thurs. 3/16 12-3, Tues. 3/21 12-3, Fri. 9-11 & 12-2 or by appointment. Note: this is a juried exhibit, not all work will be accepted.


Here is a summary and the results of the 2015 Art Student Show.

2015 Annual Art Student Show

2015 Student Awards (last year's winners)

1.    Best of Show: Sean Carver for "Self"

2.    Juror's Choice: Rosalie Lingo for "Self Portrait"

3.    President’s Purchase Award: Christopher Trotchie for “Houselessness”

4.    Carol Schaafsma Merit Award: Krystal Drexler for "Skin Deep"

5.    Carol Schaafsma Merit Award: Shane Kohfield for "Jesus Christ, Man of Judah"

6.    Carol Schaafsma Merit Award: Mindy Hinterling for "Mindy's Basket of Apples"

7.    Art Department Merit Award: Claire Denning for "My Palm with Silver"

8.    AAHD Division Award: David Villatoro for "Fly Away"

9.    Westford Award of Merit: Carmen McCormack for "Pelvic Study"

10.    Freedom of Expression Award, Julia Pearson for "Untitled" Pottery

11.  Freedom of Expression Award, Lorena Navarro for "Antler Shaman"

12.  Food for Art Award: Vicki Idema for "Window Pane"

13.  Hester Coucke Merit Award: Samantha Jackson for "Bright Idea"

14.  Studio 262 Award: Sean Carver, "Self"

15.  Studio 262 Award: Kevyn Tibbot, "Stu"

16.  Blick Art Award: Natane Blackwolf for "The Duchess of Foxingtonstoneville"

17.  Blick Art Award: Kevyn Tibbot for "Zen Rock"

18.  Fall Festival Award: Kelle Judah for "Arboretum Artifacts"

19.  Photo Arts Guild Award: Natalia Bueno, "The Writing's on the Wall"

20.  Dan Wise Printing Award: Diana Ranslam for "Abandoned Diamond"

21.  Art Faculty Award of Merit: Heather Hodel for "Dynamics of Music"

22.  People's Choice Award: Dani Burgess for "Notorious"

23.  The Active Minds Award: Diana Ranslam for "Lotus Pond"

24.  Digital Art: Marie Arnold for "Willow Woman"

25.  Joy Gibson for "Green Apple"

26.  Creative framing Award: Vera Hayes for "Lunch"

27.  Art Department Gift Award: Siri Chang for "Cloudy Day"


Thank you to our sponsors for the 2015 Art Student Show