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Calapooia Gallery


Angela Waetje in The Calapooia Gallery

September 29 through October 30, 2014

Angela Waetje is an OSU graduate with a BFA in Applied Visual Arts, emphasis in Printmaking.
She lives and works in Corvallis, Oregon To view more of her work, you can visit her website at:

The Psychopomps series
The series explores responses to death through the narrative of cultural creatures that guide one from this life to the next.

These large art prints are created through a copper plate printmaking process. Each image is created from a single copper plate that has been etched in acid. The same plate is altered through sanding, drawing and re-etching to be printed again with additional colors and imagery.

Angela's artwork is for sale and may be purchased through Laura Hoffman in NSH 113. A portion of each sale goes to the LBCC Gallery fund, promoting artwork on the LBCC campus.

Psychopomps: Flock
Psychopomps: Pack
Psychopomps: Clowder
Psychopomps: Ancestors
Psychopomps: Bask

The Strange Deaths series
This series chronicles actual and supposed deaths that involved unusual circumstances.

Strange Deaths: Aeschylus
Strange Deaths: Li Po
Strange Deaths: Isadora Duncan           
Strange Deaths: Hans Steininger
Strange Deaths: David Grindman

Strange Deaths: Allan Stacey