Transition to Work

Transition to Work

  • Job Search Preparation: Tools & Skills -- Build Your Toolkit Now!

- Careers Magazine

- Resumes
- Cover Letter
- Interviewing Strategies and Mock Interview Practice
- Work Portfolio
- Social Media Do's & Don'ts
- Disability Disclosure & Accommodation Planning -- Strategies
- Need More Tools or Can’t Figure Something Out -- See LBCC Career Specialists.
- Resources for Veterans Finding Work


  • Finding the Job & Applying

- Sign up in the Best Databases that Post Open Jobs
- Use “Oregon Employment Initiative Resources on Finding a Job"
- Market Yourself by Networking
- Network with LBCC Alumni to Land a Job through Linked-In
- Conduct Informational Interviews
- Be an Intern/Volunteer
- Career Connections LBCC Job Database - Apply For The Job
- Disability? How to Respond: Are you qualified for this work?
- Diversity and Equity Employment Support including: Agencies that help people with disabilities, Older or younger than average job seekers, Veterans, and many others find a career
- For Veterans: Your Oregon Veterans Employment Representatives
       - Local Representative: James Munger, 541-813-8666, or

  • You Have the Job Offer … What Next?

- Evaluating & Negotiating a Job Offer
- Tips For Your First Week In New Job
- Requesting on-the-job Accommodations
- For Veterans: Does Your Employer Understand?

If you want personalized assistance with resume development, interview preparation or how to locate job opportunities in a tough market, contact LBCC Career Services and request an appointment with a Career & Employment Specialist.

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