Employee Standards of Conduct

Many policies include those dealing with the study of controversial issues and academic freedom and responsibility can be found in the Academic Affairs section of the Board Policies and Administrative Rules.

Additional information such as contracts can be found in the various Association sites.

Any complaint about a student or a student complaint about the College:
Contact: Lynne Cox
(541) 917-4806

An LBCC staff member complaint about another staff member:
Contact: Scott Rolen
(541) 917-4425

Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator: Scott Rolen, CC-108, 541-917-4425
ADA Coordinator (Students): Carol Raymundo, RCH-101, 541-917-4832
ADA Coordinator (Employees/Applicants): Kathy Withrow, CC-108, 541-917-4420
Title IX Coordinator: Lynne Cox, T-107B, 541-917-4806