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Pocket Full of Feelings

The Parenting Success Network was proud to present:


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Ann Corwin:  Pocket Full of Feelings

Dr. Ann Corwin, a nationally known speaker, presented a 3-step Emotional Literacy Process which she called "Pocket Full of Feelings."  In this free 2-hour evening event she discussed the biology of feelings and why it is important to recognize, understand and productively express feelings.  Dr. Corwin trained local parents how to help their children identify feelings, make the connection between feelings and behavior, and learn ways to deal positively with feelings. 

Approximately 160 Linn and Benton County parents attended the event at Linus Pauling Middle School on Monday, May 19, 2014.  Dr. Corwin gave a dynamic presentation, and later took questions from the audience regarding specific parenting issues. 

For more information about other Parenting Education classes being taught in this area, please call (541) 917-4899.


About the Presenter:Ann Corwin

Ann Corwin, Ph.D., M.Ed. and Co-Founder of Generation-EQ, is known to many as "The Parenting Doctor."  With a Ph.D. in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, a Master's degree in Education, and several decades of experience in parenting consulting and child development education, she has helped thousands of families around the world.  Visit for more information.

Also, see Dr. Corwin's website for more topic information:

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