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  • Live and Learn with Your Preschooler

    In a Cooperative Preschool parents join the teacher in providing a positive learning environment for children ages 3-5.  Children attend preschool for two-and-a-half hour sessions, two to three days (depending on the class) per week.  Parents take turns assisting the teacher in the classroom.  At parent meetings, class activities are planned, and parenting topics are discussed. 

    Who can attend?

    Parents and their 3- to 5-year olds.

    What do we talk about?

    • Creating a learning environment to support all children
    • Laying the foundation for success in school
    • Selecting a parenting style that reflects your goals and values
    • Building a strong, healthy relationship with your child
    • Identifying positive guidance strategies
    • Utilizing and contributing to the resources and supports in your class and community 


    Varies, tuition assistance available. (Link to tuition grant instructions and form are below under Forms.)

    Cooperative Preschool Details by Location

         Albany – Timber Ridge School

         Corvallis – LBCC Benton Center

         Halsey – Central Linn Elementary

         Philomath – Clemens Primary School

         Scio – Scio Preschool

    How to register

    Call LBCC Family Connections: (541) 917-4899


         Criminal History Background Check Instructions and Form

         Insurance Form

         Tuition Grant Application

         Tuition Grant Instructions

         Registration Form