Teach a Class

Do you have a skill or interest to share? LBCC Community Education is always looking for great instructors who want to teach in an informal, supportive environment. Classes are held on the Albany Campus, Benton, Lebanon, and Sweet Home Centers and in many community locations.

To apply to be a Community Education Instructor Click Here

To propose a course, complete a LBCC Course Proposal

  • send your completed proposal as an email attachment to the email listed below
  • and/or call any of the following for more information
  • we cannot consider courses without a proposal
Linn County
Albany(at)linnbenton.edu (541) 917-4840

Benton County
Corvallis@innbenton.edu (541) 917.4840

Lebanon and Sweet Home Centers
Albany@linnbenton.edu (541) 917.4840

Director of Community Education
Chris Nystrom (541) 757-8944 ext. 5120 nystroc@linnbenton.edu