Community Locations

Community Education offers classes in nearly 100 locations throughout Linn and Benton counties. Read on to see the locations in your town. The letters at the beginning of each location are the way each location is designated in the class schedule. Click here for an alphabetical listing of class locations.


AC: Activities Center, 6500 Pacific Blvd.
ALBLIB: Albany Library, 2450 14th Avenue
ALBSR: Albany Senior Center, 489 Water Avenue NW
ALFD14: Albany Fire Department #14, 2850 Gibson Hill Road NW
BGCLUB: Albany Boys' & Girls' Club, 1215 Hill Strett
CC: Calapooia Center, LBCC Campus
CHANCE: C.H.A.N.C.E., 435 3rd Avenue SE,
CLINIC: Clinical For Nursing, Linn-Benton Community College
F: Forum Building, LBCC Campus
FAIRGR: Linn County Fairgrounds, 3700 Knox Butte
FLD: LBCC Athletic Field/Field Trip, Albany
FRMTES: Fairmount Elementary School, 1005 Spring Hill Road NW,
GRNHSE: Green House, LBCC Campus
HORSE: LBCC Horse Center, 2958 53rd Street
IB: Industrial B Building, LBCC Campus
IC: Industrial C Building, LBCC Campus
IA: Industrial A Building, LBCC Campus
INAVL: Inavale Farm, 31786 Horse Farm Ln., Philomath
LAKESI: Lakeside Center, Mennonite Village, Albany
LIBEL: Liberty Elementary School, 2345 Liberty Street
LINDHS: Linn County DHS, 118 SE Second Avenue, Suite D
LL: Lakeshore Lanes, 5432 Pacific Blvd.
LM: Luckiamute Center, 6500 Pacific Blvd.
MH: Madrone Hall, 6500 Pacific Blvd.
MKH: McKenzie Hall, 6500 Pacific Blvd.
MMS: Memorial Middle School
NSH: North Santiam Hall, 6500 Pacific Blvd.
PCDC: Periwinkle Child Development, 6500 Pacific Blvd.
PK: LBCC Parking Lot
POOLA: Albany Community Pool, 2150 36th Avenue SW
RCH: Red Cedar Hall, LBCC Campus
SAHS: South Albany High School, 3705 Columbus SE
SAND: LBCC Sand Volleyball Court
SONGBR: Songbird Community Room, 215 21st Street SE
SSH: South Santiam Hall, 6500 SW Pacific Blvd.
SSHORE: South Shore Elementary
SUNRIS: Sunrise School, 730 19th Avenue SE
SWANSO: Cool Swanson Action Center, 705 Railroad Avenue
T: Takena Hall, 6500 SW Pacific Blvd.
TENCRT: Tennis Court
TIMBER: Timber Ridge School, 373 Timber Ridge Street NE
WH: Willamette Hall, 6500 Pacific Blvd.
WOH: White Oak Hall, 6500 Pacific Blvd. 


BAAS: Brownsville Art Assoc Studio, 255 Main Street
BRSFIT: Brownsville Fitness Center, 112 Spaulding Ave


ACORN: Acorn Center Corvallis, 1740 NW Division Street
ALEXCT: Alexander Court Apartments, Resident Meeting Room
AMARTS: Aurora Martial Arts, 195 SE Crystal Lake Drive
ANYFIT: Anytime Fitness, 955 NW Kings Blvd.
BC: Benton Center, 757 NW Polk Ave
BENTON: Benton Hall (OSU), Oregon State University
BXL: Bexell Hall OSU, OSU Campus
CARDV: CARDV, 2208 SW Third Street
CCWALB: Corvallis Clinic Walnut Blvd, 2350 NW Century Drive
CHS: Corvallis High School, 1400 NW Buchanan
CKS: Corvallis Karate School, 311 NW 6th
CORCHA: Corvallis Chamber of Commerce
CORVSR: Corvallis Senior Center, 2601 NW Tyler Street
DOWN: Downing's Gym, 1820 SW Third Street
ETCAFE: Eats & Treats Cafe, 33898 Southeast Eastgate Circle
FACOOP: First Alternative Co-op, 1007 SE Third Street
FAIR: Fairbanks Hall (OSU), OSU Campus
FIRCON: First Congregational Church, 4515 SW West Hills Road
LIBCNF: Corvallis Public Library, 645 NW Monroe,
LINCON: Lincoln School
MCAF: McAlexander Field House, OSU Campus
MEADOW: Meadow Park, 277 NW Conifer
OREKI: Oregon Ki Society, 535 NW 4th Street
OSBORN: Osborn Aquatic Center
OSU: Oregon State University
PEP: Parent Enhancement Program, 421 NW 4th St.
PRESCH: First Presbyterian Church, 114 SW 8th Street
TROUBA: Troubadour Music Center, 521 SW 2nd Street
WNHOUS: Willamette Neighborhood Housing, 257 SW Madison 


CLELEM: Central Linn Elementary School, 239 W 2nd Street


HART: Harrisburg FRC, 345 Smith Street


JEFFEL: Jefferson Elementary School


ATTCA: Automotive Technology Building, Advanced Transportation Technology Center
HDSTLB: Head Start Lebanon, 300 Market Street
LC: Lebanon Center, 44 Industrial Way
LCH: Lebanon Community Hospital, 33181 Santiam Highway
LCX: Lebanon Center Annex, 44 Industrial Way
LEBSR: Lebanon Senior Center, 80 Tangent Street
PIONEE: Pioneer School, 500 N 5th Street
RVIEW: Riverview School, 1011 Mountain River Road
WOWLEB: Wow Fitness (Lebanon), 2225 S. Main Street


MONRFS: Monroe Fire Station, 680 Commercial
MONRHS: Monroe High School


CLEMEN: Clemen's Primary School, 535 South 19th
KNGVLY: Kings Valley School, Rt. 1
PEACE: Peace Lutheran Church, 2540 Applegate


CES: Centennial Elementary School, 38875 NW 1st Avenue
SCIOPR: Scio Preschool, 38743 Ash Street
ZCBJ: ZCBJ Hall, 38704 S Main Street

Sweet Home

SHC: Sweet Home Center, 1661 Long Street
SHHS: Sweet Home High School, 1641 Long Street
SHSR: Sweet Home Senior Center
STEELH: Steelhead Fitness, 1295 Main Street
STNBRK: Stone Brook Apartments, 300 W. Holley Drive