Community Education Q & A (Questions & Answers)

LBCC Community Education values our customers and want to ensure that you have the most helpful information possible. Please contact us if you need any clarity regarding services offered through LBCC Community Education.

Q: Why take a class with LBCC?

A: 1.We have the most passionate, qualified instructors you will find.  They have practical experience and love sharing it with you.

     2. We have experience - lots of it!

     3. We care about serving YOU (our community)

Q: Where is my class held?

A: For your convenience LBCC holds classes at over 50 locations throughout Linn and Benton Counties. See the location guide at LBCC Community Locations.

Q: How will I know the status of my class?

A: The most current status of any class is reflected on the website .  

Even LBCC staff refer to this website for the most up-to-date information.

Q: How will I know if a class may be cancelled?

A: If you are registered for the class you will receive a personal phone call within 24 hours of the first class session (and a refund will be processed).

 If you are not registered you can check the website ( ) regularly for updates.

Q: How many people does it take to run a class?  

A: There is no set number term to term. The number may vary for every single class, even term to term, depending on a variety of factors. The number can be as low as 5 for some and as high as 30. A class average is typically 14 people.

Q:What is a semi-private class?

A: class with a low number of students may be semi-private (the cost may be higher than a regular class).

Q: Are all classes in each region the same?

A.No, there may be similarities, but classes can also be different region to region (length, duration, price, instructor, facilities, etc.).

“LBCC is committed to offering the best service for the best price given the resources we have.”

Q: Why would prices for a class change?
A; Like anything else, unfortunately, costs to produce classes change. Plus, financial resources formerly available to LBCC Community Education have changed as a result of funding changes at the state level (effective several ago).

Q: If I write a letter to LBCC leadership will it help to lower the price?
A: LBCC leaders have established the current direction toward more self sufficient Community Education services based out of necessity. As a Community College we will continue to offer services at the most reasonable prices possible without jeopardizing our ability to provide such services.

Q: I cannot afford the fee of a class that I’d like to participate in. Is there any aid available?
A: We understand that financial decisions can be difficult and many of our customers have limited resources. Unfortunately, financial aid does not apply to non-credit, personal enrichment classes. LBCC does offer some free classes from time to time. Most classes, however, are fee based.

Q: Can I, as a student or instructor, influence the cost of my class?
A. Yes. You can encourage friends and family to register for classes. When enrollment is strong cost pressures ease as classes are able to better support themselves.

Q: What is the price based upon?
A; The price is based on the costs to produce and sustain the class (or a group of classes).

Q: Is the price per hour?

A: No. The price is per class. Classes are not pro-rated. If there is a holiday or day the college is closed, the price does not change.

Q: Don’t my tax dollars go toward supporting my classes?

A: Tax dollars support a variety of functions that enable the college to offer Community Education classes at a lower rate, however, they do not cover most of the costs of a class.

Q: Doesn’t the college have an obligation to provide classes as a “community college?”

A: The college’s mission is focused on educational attainment. LBCC Community Education strives to make our services as accessible as possible. As a not-for-profit entity, LBCC does not seek to make a profit. Likewise, we are not allowed to run our programs at a financial loss.

Q: Why do the lengths of classes sometimes vary or change?

A:  In short, due to the cost or demand of a class or to avoid cancellation. If you care for more detail, see below.

  • For many classes, customers (in general) prefer shorter classes and cannot commit to a long class.
  • Some terms have holidays or other variances than impact course schedules.
  • Some classes are currently mis-classified as a class. They are extensively longer than necessary to complete the educational instruction on the topic at hand (per national industry standards). Currently, the college is paying “instructional rates” for all of our classes. Some classes should likely be re-classified. They may have an option to re-new as a club or to include “lab time” in the future.
  • Sometimes a class that cannot support the duration may be shortened rather than increasing the price (or a mix between price and duration may be made to help the class survive). The college always seeks a balance of price, duration needed, format options, customer demand and other factors when determining the appropriate length of a class.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?
Contact your local LBCC center or Community Education Coordinator. If your question relates to registration, staff at any LBCC location may assist you.

  • Albany, 541.917.4844
  • Corvallis, 541.757.8944 Ext 5126
  • Lebanon, 541.259.5801
  • Sweet Home, 541.367.6901