College Night

Linn-Benton Community College invites you to attend its 15th annual College Night for prospective students and their families

  • Monday, February 8, 2016
  • LBCC Albany Campus.

Registration available soon!

Plan Your Evening! College Night is a great opportunity to get your college education started!

 Meet with Instructors, staff and students in various Programs of Study areas offered at LBCC and learn more about the many ways you can pay for college including Financial Aid, Scholarships or if your high school offers a 5th Year Program; free tuition your first year! This is also a great night to learn about our degree partnership programs with Oregon State University (OSU) and Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT).


 Information Sessions

 Getting Started: LBCC Admissions

Learn the 3 easy steps for admissions and how you can be a LBCC/OSU or LBCC/OIT partnership student!  What are the requirements?  When to apply? 


The Best of Both Worlds:  LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership Program

Start your 4 year degree at LBCC and finish at OSU all in one admissions process!  Who is eligible? What are the benefits? How to apply?    


Financial Aid: The First Step

What is financial aid? When do I apply? Who is eligible? What is the EFC (estimated family contribution)? How is need determined? This session will address how to start the financial aid process.


LBCC Scholarships: Show Me the Money!

Many scholarships go unawarded each year for lack of applicants. Learn how to search the LBCC Scholarship database and how to prepare a great application, so you can have a chance at FREE MONEY!


OSAC Scholarships:  More than $15 million in FREE scholarships to help pay for college!

Oregon Student Access Commission (OSAC) will show you how to search their scholarships and how to submit a complete application.  Hundreds of scholarships available by varying criteria - high school, county of residence, college major, GPA, need-based, and more!


Información de LBCC en Español

En la sesión se le explicará cómo puede apoyar su hijo o hija en la transición al LBCC. Asistiendo esta presentación usted aprenderá qué esperar como padre de un alumno en LBCC, cómo pedir ayuda o apoyo, y cómo la educación superior es diferente a la de la escuela preparatoria.


Understanding Special Admission Programs

Learn how to access the Special Admissions Applications. Find out about residency, orientations and program details for:

  •          Dental Assistant
  •          Diagnostic Imaging
  •          Nursing
  •          Occupational Therapy Assistant
  •          Pharmacy Technology
  •          Phlebotomy
  •          Polysomnography
  •          Veterinary Assistant


College Now: Starting College in High School

Get a jump into your career. Start earning your college degree while taking high school classes and save yourself time and money spent towards college tuition. Learn about the College Now classes at your high school.


 5th Year Program: Get Your First Year of College Free

Learn how you can apply to be part of the 5th year program at your high school and get your first year of college paid for. Schools in this area participating in the Advanced Diploma Program in connection with LBCC:


Albany Options            Scio

College Hill                 South Albany

Corvallis                      Sweet Home

Crescent Valley           West Albany   



 5th Year Program: What is the Advanced Diploma Program? (This session for the students and parents of Albany High Schools) 

 Find out what the Advanced Diploma Program entails and the graduation requirements students need to meet to be eligible in receiving their first year of college free. 


Student Panel: Ask Questions & Get Answers from LBCC Students

Where do I get help? How do I choose my classes? What can I do for fun? How is college different from high school? How do I choose a major? Come with your questions!


Panel de Estudiantes: Haga Preguntas y Obtenga Respuestas de los Estudiantes de LBCC en Español

 ¿Dónde puedo obtener ayuda? ¿Cómo elijo mis clases? ¿Qué puedo hacer yo para diversión? ¿Cómo es diferente el colegio de la escuela secundaria? ¿Cómo elijo una asignatura principal? Venga con sus preguntas!