Campus High School Programs

Linn-Benton Community College offers two ways to take college classes. Students can take credit classes that lead to a degree or certificate, or they can take non-credit classes for personal enrichment. 

Taking LBCC Credit Classes For High School Credit 
High school students are encouraged to learn how they can take LBCC credit classes on the college campus and begin earning a college degree while applying the credits toward their high school diplomas. 

This benefits students, so they can: 

  • Start their college programs early
  • Take classes not available at the high school
  • Take courses they don't have time to take during the high school day (some LBCC classes are offered in the evening)

Students can sign up for the number of classes that best fits their needs - anywhere from taking one class to going full-time on the LBCC campus. The high school counselor must provide permission and can help students decide how many classes are appropriate. The program has strict deadlines. Check with high school counselors about sign-up timelines.
Campus High School Program form
If under the age of 16, certain additional requirements are necessary. Contact the High School Partnerships office.

For information and steps to sign up for Campus High School Program go to: Campus High School Program Information

Click here for Campus High School Program requirements at each high school

Taking Non-Credit Community Education Classes 

Linn-Benton Community College offers a wide variety of classes for personal enrichment. The classes are enjoyable and students learn a lot from taking them. But, these classes do not have college credit and therefore, do not count toward a college degree. Examples of non-credit classes are Driver Education, Yoga, and Computer Applications. For a complete list of the classes offered this term go to Schedule of Classes. Under "Select Report Type:", click on "All Non-Credit Classes."

Note: The Campus High School Program form is not required for non-credit courses; however, students do need permission from the instructor.

Quick Facts:
Do I need to apply for admissions? No, but you do need to file an Underage Enrollment Form if you intend to take credit classes.

Do I have to meet certain academic standards? For most college classes, you must place into at least Reading 90 on the CPT. Your high school might have other academic requirements. Check with your counselor. Some LBCC courses have pre-requisites that must be met before enrollment is permitted. Before you take the placement test, spend time preparing. It will help your score. Scroll to the bottom of the Placement Test website for links to prep websites.

Do I need to be enrolled in high school? State law requires that students under the age of 18 be enrolled in a public or private high school or be home schooled, unless they have their diploma or GED.

Is a referral or permission required? Yes. The Underage Enrollment Form (Campus High School Program form) requires the signature of an administrator from a school or the education service district home school official to assure the student is released from the high school program to attend college classes.

What is the cost? Refer to class schedule for current tuition and fees or go to


**Important Resources for Campus High School Program students in credit classes
How to find your advisor
- Video explaining how to find AdvisorTrac in WebRunner
Midterm Progress Report -
Form to be used for 4th and 7th Week Progress Report
Weekly Schedule - Template for setting up your study schedule
How to drop a class
- Don't want your classes? You must go into Webrunner and drop them yourself. 
Declare your major
Program Worksheets
 - Select the current year and then the program you want to study.
Education Plan - Keep track of the classes you need to take and when you plan to take them.
RoadRunner Registration Sheet for EOP and ALO students

For more information contact: High School Partnerships Office at 541-917-4236 or email