How to Enroll in the LBCC Automotive Program.

Students wishing to enroll in Automotive Technology classes at LBCC must request a spot on the Priority Enrollment List.  You can find this at

If you are not yet a full time LBCC student, follow this link for How to become an LBCC student.  This has information on becoming a student and getting the Finacial Aid you are qualified for.

All Automotive classes are held at the Advanced Transportation Technology Center (ATTC) located at 2000 W Oak St in Lebanon.   Click here for a Map to the ATTC.

It is strongly recommended each student enrolling in the Automotive Technology program have a clean driving record, a valid driver's license, and proof of insurance for any vehicles they may drive to LBCC.  If you can be identified as a "High Risk Driver" it may be impossible to find employment in the automotive service and repair field.  Information on who is a High Risk Driver

For the best quality of instruction we keep class sizes small.  New students must wait until a spot becomes available before they can enroll in Automotive classes.   Students new to LBCC Automotive Technology will be allowed to register starting Fall, Winter, or Spring term based upon the date they complete the Priority Enrollment form.

If you must wait to enroll, or you are not sure if this is the career for you, we encourage you to find Automotive Technology related employment.  More information is at

While you are waiting to enroll in Automotive classes, be sure you are on the Priority Enrollment List and be sure you are qualified to enroll.

New students will be required to complete a one credit Destination Graduation course and may not be permitted to register if this course is not completed.

All students must have a CPT reading placement score of 67 or higher, place into writing 95 and Math 60 (or higher) before they will be allowed to enroll in any Automotive Technology class.   If you placed into Math 20 or Writing 90 you must complete them before you can enroll in Automotive Technology classes.  You are permitted to re-take the CPT if you feel your test scores were too low.
          Link to CPT details and preparation materials.

Students placing into Reading 90 and/or Writing 95 are encouraged to these classes before enrolling in Automotive Technology classes.
If you placed into math 60, we encourage you to take that class while you wait for an Automotive Technology class to become available.

All students entering the program will be assessed a $935.00 tool fee per quarter during the first year (3 terms) of the program.  Upon successful completion at the end of the first year the student will be awarded a voucher good for the purchase of tooling from Snap-on.   Link to our Official Tool Policy Link to our Official Tool Policy

Beginning summer term of 2013 the tuition and fee cost for all Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at LBCC will be approximately $118.20 per credit.   Automotive technology students will average 15 credits per term or about $1,775.00 for tuition each term.  There are a total of 93 credits required to earn our A.A.S. degree.

Unfortunately tuition is likely to increase during the 2 years of your education and the tool fee may also increase in the future.   The above cost estimates are accurate for the beginning of the 2013 - 2014 school year.

Please remember to update your contact information once per term, or any time you have a change in your preferred e-mail address or phone number.   You do this at

If you have any questions about any of this information please do not hesitate to contact:
Phil Krolick
(541) 917-4602


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