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Frequently asked Questions abour LBCC Gmail and Google Apps.

Important Information on LBCC Student E-mail Accounts

All LBCC students are issued a Gmail - LBCC E-mail Account with Google Apps.

It is important to note you will ONLY receive notification of LBCC billing information through this Gmail account.   There will be no bills or notices sent through the Post Office.

If you do not check your LBCC Student E-mail you may not get infomation you need to avoid late fees and/or holds that will not let you register for next term.

Fortunately you can set up your LBCC E-mail (Gmail) to forward all official college notifications to the e-mail account of your choice.

To forward your LBCC Gmail Login to your LBCC Gmail account.

Your Login is firstname.lastname.1234@mail.linnbenton.edu
For example, jane.doe.1789 where 1789 is the last four digits of Jane's LBCC ID number (X number) or OSU ID number for DPP (Degree Partnership Program) students.

Your first name will be your legal first name that you gave LBCC when you were admitted to the college.  For example, William instead of Bill.

If your name includes spaces or special characters such as hyphens or apostrophes, these have been removed.  For example, Jo Anne O'Malley will have an id of joanne.omalley.1234@mail.linnbenton.edu.

Initially, your password is your 6 digit birth date in the form of MMDDYY.  On the initial login, Students will be required to accept the Google Terms of Use statement and change their password.  Please note that your new password must be at least 8 characters long.

Once you are logged in you can follow these Directions to Forwarding your LBCC email account.

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