All automotive classes are held at the Advanced Transportation Technology Center (ATTC) in Lebanon.
            The ATTC is located at 2000 W Oak St in Lebanon.

You can click here for a printable map showing how to get to the ATTC.

The tuition and fee cost for all Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at LBCC will be approximately $118.20 per credit.   Automotive technology students will average 15 credits per term or about $1,775.00 in tuition and fees.  There are a total of 93 credits required to earn our A.A.S. degree.

Students will use Snap-on tools supplied by LBCC at the Advanced Transportation Technology Center.

All students entering the program will be assessed a $935.00 tool fee per quarter during the first year (3 terms) of the program.
Upon successful completion at the end of the first year the student will be awarded a voucher good for the purchase of tooling from Snap-on.  Click here for a link to Tool Kit Options

Students who fail out or drop out of the program will be awarded a partial tool voucher in an amount of $735.00 for each tool course fee that has been collected by Linn-Benton Community College.
To qualify for a partial tool voucher the student must make arrangements with Bryan Schiedler within one term of their last automotive class.

In cases of EXTREME hardship, a partial tool refund can be considered through a petition process that can be initiated through admissions in Takena Hall.

Link to our Official Tool Policy

Unfortunately tuition is likely to increase during the 2 years of your education and the tool fee may also increase in the future.  The above cost estimates are accurate for the beginning of the 2013 - 2014 school year.

Students who wish to join the Automotive Technology program must request a spot on the Priority Enrollment List.
You can make a request for Priority Enrollment at

To contact us please call (541) 917 - 4602 or  Send Us E-Mail


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